Franchising Support

Juice Lounge – Juice Bars provides their Franchisees with:
  1. A complete turnkey package including site selection and store fit outs.

  2. Extensive research into each location including footfall of proposed site and assistance with financial projections.

  3. A comprehensive training programme covering all aspects of owning and operating a Juice Lounge - Juice Bars franchise.

  4. A complete Operations Manual for easy reference.

  5. Full use of Juice Lounge’s Brand, Logo, Imagery & Trademarks.

  6. Juice Lounge’s proven marketing techniques.

  7. National purchasing power to ensure the best prices along with consistent quality of ingredients at all times.

  8. New products as and when developed.

  9. Ongoing training and support.

  10. Strong profit margins.

  11. Industry leading equipment.

  12. Extensive range of products including both hot and cold beverages – Juice Lounge – is the first Juice bar in India to successfully introduce a healthy hot menu.

What additional support does Juice Lounge – Juice Bar offers to its franchisees?
  1. Site selection for Juice Lounge and acquisition of the same.

  2. Agreement and legal requirements that you need to take Juice Lounge Franchisee.

  3. Construction, full design support, civil work and interior’s of the Juice Bar, full assistance is provided for the project.

  4. Branding and print designs for the entire Juice Lounge Juice Bar comes from our Head Office.

  5. Equipment and fabrication for the equipments to run the Juice Bar are provided from our in house fabrication unit.

  6. Experienced support personnel for the training and launch of Juice Lounge Juice Bar is provided.

  7. Extensive training and induction program is carried out on site before the launch of the Juice Bar.

  8. Operational & training manuals are provided to you to help you understand the day to day activities that will happen during the operations.

  9. Online support infrastructure is provided.

  10. Menu designing is done and printed Menu’s are provided throughout the operations.

  11. Promotion and Marketing material is provided during the launch as well as for day to day operations.

  12. Store Marketing plan is shared.

  13. Initial inventory plan is explained and taught to the team.

  14. Operation audit and quality control is taught to make sure the Juice Bar runs up to the mark every day.

  15. Branding material is provided.

  16. New products are introduced and training is given for the same as and when required.