Franchisee Faq's

Juice Lounge – Juice Bars offers a brand new fast food concept in the food and beverage retailing industry.

Today’s consumer is ever more health conscious and their demand is for a healthy yet tasty alternative to high cholesterol, high fat fast foods and sugar based beverage drinks! This ever growing demand is what makes Juice Lounge Juice Bar an apt place to hangout, quench your thirst and even enjoy a healthy meal.

Juice Lounge Juice Bars are already capitalizing in this Food and Beverage segment by providing an extensive healthy menu of various kinds of light to heavy snacks topped with nutritious and great tasting Juices!

Juice Lounge Juice Bar – has identified suitable locations for its future franchisees (ranging from shopping centers to railway stations, Malls, high streets and even airports) nationwide and are looking for the right caliber of people to award their Franchise rights.

Q1) Is a Juice Lounge franchise the right opportunity for me?

If you are passionate about getting into the food and beverage industry. If you are passionate about promoting a healthier living and you want to help others live a healthier lifestyle and at the same time you are capable of managing a growing business opportunity, then Juice lounge Juice Bar is the right business opportunity for you!

Q2) I am a absolutely fresher with zero knowledge of Food & Beverage Industry, am I eligible for your franchisee?

Yes. Previous business experience would be seen as advantages for us but is not really essential. Juice Lounge Juice Bar is very focused on where individuals want to go with the brand, and not where they have been in the past! Even till today, not a single franchisee of ours had any prior experience in the food industry!

They were all fresher when they approached us but today, all of them are running the Juice Lounge Juice Bar franchisee successfully in their own cities. Some have even opted for our other Brands like Indo Chinese Lounge, Chaat Lounge and even Shawarma Lounge. We have a franchisee in West Bengal who is running 4 of our franchise stores. Even at Bahrain our franchisee is running both Juice Lounge as well as Shawarma Lounge.

Q3) What areas/sites or markets are currently available to take Juice Lounge Juice Bar Franchise?

Currently Markets/sites are available in many states domestically, and in many countries internationally. While sending us a query, do let us know where exactly are you interested to start the Juice Lounge Juice Bar Franchise and we will guide you after that!

Q4) What is the cost of opening a Juice Lounge Juice Bar Franchise unit?

The Initial Investment for building a Juice Lounge Juice Bar unit in India is estimated at around 18 Lakhs for a Indoor Wooden Kiosk selling only Juices or max sandwiches with it. This includes the entire Kiosk structure, all required equipments etc.

An Outdoor Waterproof Kiosk made up of ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) & Korean Material would cost approx 22 lakhs. (Turn Key Cost – including fabrication, installation, equipments, machines, cash counter in short everything to start the business).

For an OTC (Over the Counter / Mall Counter of up to 300 sq.ft it would cost around 16 Lakhs to 18 Lakhs depending on the Menu you choose or the Menu the said Mall approves.

For a Lounge Model of 300 sq to 1000 sq.ft (Limited to Full Menu) it would cost around 23 to 25 Lakhs . These totals include an Initial Setup Fee of 5 Lakhs for a traditional Juice Lounge Juice Bar. For more details refer to the 'Business Models’ which we send to you after you fill up our Franchisee Inquiry Form.

Q5) What is Juice Lounge Juice Bar’s Franchise Fee?

We charge a Franchise Fee of INR 5,00,000/- (Five Lakh Rupees) per unit for any business models that you choose and this is for a 5 Year Franchise contract which is renewable, this fee is for India only, for International Franchise we charge a Franchise Fee of $ 10,000 (USD).

Against the Franchise Fee you get a lot of deliverables from our end, the complete list of deliverables are mentioned in the Business Models document. To get the same, kindly fill the Franchisee Inquiry Form.

Q6) What is Juice Lounge’s Royalty Fee and when do I pay the same?

Fee for Continuing Support Services - Royalty Fees

On going Royalty Fee is 4% of Gross Turnover (explained below),

plus 2% for Group Advertising and Promotions (explained below)

The continuing services, or “Royalty Fee” is paid monthly. This fee entitles you to use the Juice Lounge service mark, marketing assistance, retraining assistance, software assistance, ongoing business development and counseling, and other benefits that come with being a Juice Lounge franchisee.

The Juice Lounge brand name and reputation is an important part of our business. Thus in addition, you will be expected to make Marketing Fund contributions for Group Advertising and Promotions.

Q7) How do I find a real estate site that is prefect to open a Juice Lounge Juice Bar?

Finding the right location for your Juice Lounge Juice Bar unit is one of the key factors that drive the success of your business. We can help you by identifying and approving trade areas that we believe fit our requirements.

To initiate this you have to sign the LOI (Letter of Intent to – prove your genuine interest) with us. Once you have done the same, our international real estate brokers (which have offices PAN India) can then help you find an available site as per your requirement (area, size and rent). While you are ultimately responsible for finding the appropriate location for your Juice Lounge unit, we will review and approve every site.

Q8) What are the different sizes of a Juice Lounge Juice Bar units and what all can I sell in it?

The ideal space for a traditional, in–line Juice Lounge Juice Bar unit is:

For Kiosk Model the space required is : 70 Sq feet to 90 sq.ft – and you can sell Juice Lounge Juices (includes Milkshakes, Smoothies, Power Juices, Energy Boosters, Super Boosters etc) in this space.

For bigger Kiosk Model the space required is : 90 Sq feet to 180 sq.ft – and you can sell Juice Lounge Juices and Sandwiches in this space.

For Over The Counter / Mall Counter the space required is: 180 to 350 sq.ft – Limited to Full Menu.

For Small Stand Alone Juice Bar with limited seating the space could be: 350 to 700 sq.ft – Limited to Full Menu.

For a Juice Lounge (Dine Inn) concept the ideal size should be: 500 to 1000 sq.ft – Limited to Full Menu.

Q9) What will be the Menu and it’s pricing, is the price of Juice Lounge Menu uniform in each city?

Our Menu consists of various kinds of Juices, Power Juices, Energy Boosters, Milkshakes, Smoothies, Super Boosters Salads, Sub Sandwiches, Grill Sandwiches, Pizza, Pasta, Burgers and Fries with Tea / Coffee Beverages & Ice Cream as Desserts. You may or may not get this full Menu as we approve the Menu depending on the size of the outlet & your budget.

In small Kiosk & OTC Model we might allow only Juices, Power Juices, Energy Boosters, Milkshakes, Smoothies, Super Boosters & Sub Sandwiches & Sandwiches.

In bigger OTC or Lounge Model, franchisee can go for full Menu. For the full menu, we need a minimum kitchen space of 300 sq.ft so if this space is available then the entire menu can be made in the kitchen.

Prices of the menu depends on the city, whether it's a Metro, Tier II or Tier III city. Price of products are also decided after analyzing the competition and the market of the said outlet. Prices are different in each city! You will have a final say in deciding the price of all the products at your Juice Lounge Juice Bar franchise outlet!

Q10) My city is not a prime city; will the juice rates be competitive and lower in my city?

Our rates for Juices and Food items are different for each city, we will do a complete study of our competitors in and around your outlet before we launch. You will also have the right to decide the price of the Juices as per other outlets in your city; you will also have the right to increase the price later with our consent.

Q11) What does my training include?

We have an extensive onsite training program where we train your entire team. During the training we cover all concerned topics like:

  • Things to do before opening a Juice Lounge Juice Bar
  • Cleanliness of the entire place
  • Maintaining hygiene at all times
  • Customer service for ensuring repetitive foot falls
  • Managing & preparing orders
  • Avoiding wastage
  • Things to do while closing the juice bar
  • Maintaining the day to day inventory
  • Staff management etc.
  • You also get 2 books written by our Director Mr. Sumit Shital which are:
    a) Operational Manual &
    b) Staff Manual which will give you hands on information on everything!

Juice Lounge requires that the franchisee, an operating partner, or a general manager designated by the franchisee take Juice Lounge’s full time, in–unit training program. This training program will teach you the day–to–day operation of your Juice Lounge unit. In addition, our orientation program will explain in detail how you can leverage Juice Lounge support center in areas such as marketing, development, IT and supply chain.

Q12) Where do I receive my training, Do I have to send the team to Juice Lounge Head Office and incur additional cost?

Juice Lounge Juice Bar gives training on site before the official opening of the Juice Bar unit. Thus you save on the travel and accommodation expenses on your entire team. On Site training also helps the team as they get acquainted to the environment that they will work in.

Q13) What support will I receive after initial training is completed?

One of the advantages of franchising with Juice Lounge is access to our support network. This support comes in several ways:

We have established relationships with vendors who will guide you to the right products, equipment and small wares. We have also negotiated volume discounts on your behalf and we pass all of those savings on to you.

After signing of your franchise agreement, you will be in touch with your Region Franchise Manager / Director himself who is responsible for directly supporting you. You can count on your RFM for operational input and best practices learnt from other Juice Lounge units. In addition, your RFM will visit you regularly to ensure we are meeting your needs and that you are maximizing the potential of your business.

On an ongoing basis, the Juice Lounge Support Team will continue to drive the brand and support your efforts in areas of marketing and development, supply chain, and IT. Should you have questions or need help with issues in these areas, you will always have direct access to the Directors!

Q14) Do I have to put in a lot of time daily, Do I need to work at the juice bar myself?

Initially Yes, to understand your customers and sales at Juice Lounge on weekdays and weekends, we would prefer the franchisee to initially work a minimum of three months in their store. After this period a further minimum number of hours per week are preferable to get the reports right! Though with our surveillance system and our POS software you can be sure that sales are managed properly at all times even in your absence.

In some cases this may vary depending on your business experience and other commitments. Each individual case is discussed between both parties during the application stage.

Q15) What is the Turnover of each Juice Lounge – Juice Bar outlet per annum?

Business performance and turnover do vary depending on size and demographics of each individual store location. Once your franchisee application has been accepted, and the LOI formality completed with you, the companies historical figures are discussed with you!

Q16) What ROI / Daily sales can I expect from this business?

Our experience from the operational Juice Lounge outlets tells us that the franchisees following the right practices and maintaining the recommended standards have found very high success in this business.

For a clearer picture please go through our Profit & Loss Sheet (which we send after you fill up the Franchise Inquiry Form) where you yourself can change the rentals and other details and you will come to know your breakeven point and profit margins as per the sales. Till now all our outlets are performing well as we have very carefully chosen the locations.

Q17) How well are the existing Juice Lounge Juice Bar’s performing?

As mentioned above, Juice Lounge Juice Bars with the right practices and standards are generating substantial profits from the business. All our Juice Bar’s are doing excellent business as all the sites are selected by our directors. For more details and figures, please do get in touch with us.

Q18) I don’t have any existing property. Therefore, who will sign the agreement for the new property – Juice Lounge or me?

The new property is signed by you, the franchisee under your name. You also have to create your own company, and you have to decide a name for your company! The name of your company has to be different i.e. it cannot be Juice Lounge!

Q19) How much staff do I need to hire to run Juice Lounge Juice Bar?

You may need a staff of 3, 5 or max 7 (if dine inn more than 1000 sq.ft than even more) employees, depending on the size and location of the juice bar (Kindly refer to the investment sheet). However, we will assist you in training them as required. We will also guide you as to how many employees you will need after seeing the location you have selected for Juice Lounge! We will also guide you as to how you can get employees to work for you and how to create and manage your team.

Q20) How can I get a copy of your Agreement?

Once you have filled out our LOV (Letter of Visit) or LOI (Letter of Intent), the soft copy of the same will be mailed to you!

Q21) Can I choose the location of Juice Lounge Juice Bar myself?

Yes but only after Juice Lounge – site selection process gives it a go ahead. This selection process takes into account many criteria’s crucial to locating a successful Juice Lounge Juice bar.

Q22) What support does Juice Lounge Juice Bar – offer its franchisees?

  • Site selection for Juice Lounge and acquisition of the same.
  • Agreement and legal requirements that you need to take Juice Lounge Franchisee.
  • Construction, full design support, civil work and interior’s of the Juice Bar, full assistance is provided for the project.
  • Branding and print designs for the entire Juice Lounge Juice Bar comes from our Head Office.
  • Equipment and fabrication for the equipments to run the Juice Bar are provided from our in house fabrication unit, though you have the option to purchase them locally too.
  • Experienced support personnel for the training and launch of Juice Lounge Juice Bar is provided.
  • Extensive training and induction program is carried out on site before the launch of the Juice Bar.
  • Operational & training manuals are provided to you to help you understand the day to day activities that will happen during the operations.
  • Online support infrastructure is provided.
  • Menu designing is done and printed Menu’s are provided throughout the operations.
  • Promotion and Marketing material is provided during the launch as well as for day to day operations.
  • Store Marketing plan is shared.
  • Initial inventory plan is explained and taught to the team.
  • Operation audit and quality control is taught to make sure the Juice Bar runs up to the mark every day.
  • Branding material is provided.
  • New products are introduced and training is given for the same as and when required.

Q23) Can I buy a already trading Juice Lounge Juice Bar?

Yes. Opportunities can exist for franchisees to purchase an existing store which is already trading. But currently no franchisee is willing to sell or lease his Juice Lounge! You can send us a request and if any is available anytime, we will get in touch with you.

Q24) Can I open multiple stores or buy a Master Franchise of Juice Lounge?

Yes. Franchisees who wish to purchase more than one location will need to meet set criteria in their initial store first. This will include operating their first store for a set period of time, meeting business targets and customer service levels.

It will be at the discretion of Juice Lounge – to grant any further (multi site) franchises or granting Master Franchise rights. We already do have franchisee’s who are running more than 1 store themselves in fact we have a franchisee who is running four of our stores. Some have even opened our other Brands like Indo Chinese Lounge, Chaat Lounge & Shawarma Lounge which are also part of Om Ganeshaya Food And Beverages Private Limited.

Q25) ) I am interested in becoming a Juice Lounge – Juice Bars franchisee, what do I do next?

First fill the Franchisee Inquiry Form, then study the email that you receive from our end.

Then please fill the LOV (Letter of Visit) or LOI (Letter of Intent) to register your interest.

Following on from our conversation you are welcome to come to Juice Lounge Juice Bars Mumbai Head Office with a prior appointment to meet the Directors or to learn more about the business models. But do let us know in advance as our Directors keep travelling extensively.

Now, let’s get going!

First step is to

a) Fill up the Franchisee Inquiry Form, go through the details and if you have decided to change your future.

b) Sign the Letter of Visit (LOV) or Letter of Intent(LOI) and send it to us at

c) Sign Juice Lounge Franchisee Agreement.

d) Find a mutually acceptable location and sign the lease agreement.

e) Receive layouts / working drawings for the location and assistance in completion of site work through our approved contractors.

f) Receive and implement specifications on opening schedules orders, manpower requirements, and communication and training schedules from us.

g) Start work on the site.

h) Receive elaborate pre – opening training and operating modules from us.

i) Open your own Juice Lounge Juice Bar, and establish and maintain the standardized business operations at your Juice Lounge.